Don't let the disability stop you!

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One solution to rule them all

Over 15 million people all around the globe wish they would get the treatment from involuntary movements. And that is just only cerebral palsy.

Our solution targets many well known disorders such as:


Why Choose NeuroEna

Wearable every day

Great battery life will allow you to wear it how much you want and when you want. There is no limits.

End user oriented

Our solution is individualized for the end user. Due to that, you will get the exoskeleton tailored to you.

No pain

Compared to other solutions, NeuroEna boasts not needing any needles or contradictory medications


If you don't have involuntary movements in a certain area of the body, there is no need for you to wear that part of the exoskeleton.

No need for medications

Medications that are available today, are very dangerous as they deplete the happiness and cause suicidal thoughts. NeuroEna does not


As the exoskeleton only needs to touch the skin surface, there is no need for invasive neurological interventions

Our team is working hard for you.

Our team consists of people who know what it’s like to have such disorder. If you’d want to know more  about us, click the button below