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CO-founder, programmer

Lukas Arlauskas

It all started from the guy who saw that the current conventional solutions just does not cut it. Inspired by the neurotechnology sphere he devised a way to help others. Currently he is studying computer science at Kaunas University of Technology with minor in Anatomy. He has a wide range of experience including teaching, project management and researching.

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Lukas Arlauskas NeuroeEna Co-Founder
Antanas Ramanauskas Neuroena
CO-founder, Programmer

Antanas Ramanauskas

Antanas is our powerhouse of Machine Learning algorithms and our main presenter. He particularly enjoys the scientific aspect of the machine learning methodologies. He currently studies at Kaunas University of Technology and has experience in business, design and project management.

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CO-Founder, programmer

Ugnė Glinskytė

Ugnė is our designer. She is our helper when it comes to app design and also web design. Having finished the Devbridge Sourcery Academy, she has the good foundations for the web development. She is the student at Kaunas University of Technology and studies computer science with minor of advanced machine learning.

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